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v busy week ahead of me:

Oct 1: Gilmore Girls on Netflix

Oct 2: Carrie on Netflix (Chloe Grace Moretz version); season 1 of Reign on Netflix; season 2 of Reign premiere

Oct 8: American Horror Story season 4 premiere

plus Hocus Pocus every time its on TV

watching hocus pocus twice in a row because my friends won’t/can’t hang

casual no subject emails from mom

casual no subject emails from mom

Anonymous said: what buzzfeed quiz was that from!?

this one

updated my ~about me


This tho….

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(likes boys but isn’t happy about it)

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*takes the collar off my dog* ur nakey

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“Yes, an enormous difference….When Sandra left, I was all alone…. Now Kagan is on my left, and Sotomayor is on my right. So we look like we’re really part of the court and we’re here to stay. Also, both of them are very active in oral arguments. They’re not shrinking violets. It’s very good for the schoolchildren who parade in and out of the court to see.”


Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on whether having three women justices has made a difference.

Read the entire ellemagazine interview: here

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